Fiber is a material containing substances that are resistant to the action of digestive enzymes. Fiber adds bulk and texture to foods. As it passes through the body, fiber helps your system stay regular, and that’s why many doctors recommend fiber to help manage occasional constipation.

When it comes to your health, fiber helps prevent your stool from becoming excessively loose, or dry and hard. If you suffer from diarrhea, the bulk that fiber creates may lead to larger stools that pass through your body a little slower. If you suffer from occasional constipation, fiber can help bulk up your stools so they are easier to eliminate - which can speed things up a bit.

The most important thing about fiber? It helps regulate your system naturally.

Fiber Meal


Fiber therapy is a convenient and effective way for you to boost your fiber intake and help relieve occasional constipation. Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber contains 100% soluble fiber, which means it will give your stool a softer, bulkier consistency that's easier to pass. You get all the benefits of fiber, but without excess gas!**

**Based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.

**Based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.

  • How long can Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber be used? Can I use it every day?

    Laxative products, including Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber, shouldn't be used for longer than one week unless you're directed to do so by your physician. If you encounter a situation in which you find that you need a product like Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber for a longer period of time, we would recommend that you contact your doctor for advice on the possible causes of the situation and courses of action.

    Additionally, the suggested one-week duration for using the product serves to make consumers aware that an on-going problem, such as persistent constipation, warrants medical attention. If appropriate, a physician may advise you to use the product on a daily basis. Consult your doctor to determine if a more regimented use of Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber supplement is appropriate for you.

  • What is the difference between the psyllium fiber in Metamucil and the methylcellulose fiber in Citrucel®?

    Fiber is the non-digestible portion of plant foods that plays a critical role in digestion. There are two different categories that all fiber products fall into: 1) soluble or insoluble, and 2) fermentable or non-fermentable.

    Soluble fiber dissolves in water, whereas insoluble fiber does not. The fiber in Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber is 100% soluble; the psyllium fiber in Metamucil is not 100% soluble.

    Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber contains only 100% non-fermentable fiber, so none of it ferments to cause excess gas.**

    **Based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.