Chapter 2

Citrucel with SmartFiber is smart fiber therapy.

The SmartFiber we use in Citrucel with SmartFiber comes from cellulose, which occurs naturally in plants and is the most abundant, renewable fiber on earth. But we improved this natural fiber so that Citrucel with SmartFiber can promote regularity without causing bloating, gas and other side effects of other fiber products.*

You see, some fiber therapy products use psyllium seed husk as a fiber source, and the soluble fiber in psyllium is partly fermented in the large intestine and may create excess gas.

Citrucel with SmartFiber is proven to help restore and maintain regularity, and it is the only fiber that won’t ferment to cause excess gas*. Unlike the psyllium in some fiber products, which ferments in the large intestine, SmartFiber is methylcellulose. It cannot ferment and will not cause excess gas or bloating. Plus, SmartFiber is also non-allergenic and gluten free. Now that’s Smart.

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