Chapter 1

Can fiber help keep you regular?

If you have a sensitive system, you know how it feels to be controlled by your body – trapped by the pain, bloating and worry of irregularity. You know there are no easy answers. And yet, so many people keep offering the same suggestion: fiber.

The right fiber therapy can help you regain control. You see, fiber adds bulk and texture to foods. As it passes through the body, fiber helps your system stay regular, and that’s why many doctors recommend fiber to help manage constipation.

But not all fiber is the same. And the more you learn about Citrucel with SmartFiber, you’ll see why it’s the smart fiber therapy you’ve been looking for.

What is

Normal, regular bowel movements can be difficult to define, because what’s regular for someone else might not be regular for you. Some people go too frequently, some not enough. But frequency isn’t the only attribute to consider when determining if you are regular. The shape and consistency are also important. The shape should be sausage-like, and the ideal consistency ranges from soft and smooth to soft with a few cracks in the surface.